9 Healthy Morning Habits For Busy People

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When your life is constantly in the fast lane, mornings can feel like a bit of a blur. A swish of mascara in between sips of strong coffee and bites of a banana is not an ideal way to start your day, but a half hour yoga sequence and blissfully long shower is completely out of reach. Instead, give these simple steps a try and watch your morning routine transform your outlook on the day ahead.

  • 1 Rise before 7am
    According to bed brand Sealy’s latest study, the optimum wake up time for the highest energy levels and alertness during the day is 6.58am.
  • 2 Avoid all social media interactions
    Ignore those little red notifications and keep off your phone – it’s an unnecessary distraction.
  • 3 Plan your wardrobe the night before
    This will save you time and stresses.
  • 4 Skip the coffee
    Instead opt for a glass of warm water and lemon to kickstart your digestive system. Add a dash of honey too if you find the lemon a little sour.
  • 5 Stretch it out
    Stretching can improve your posture, blood flow and boost your energy levels. Take just a few minutes each morning to loosen your body and feel the benefits all day long.
  • 6 Pop the kettle on
    If you have time, try to enjoy a green tea before leaving the house in the morning. It will boost your metabolism, regulate your blood pressure and lower your chances of diabetes. And that’s not mentioning the caffeine hit and powerful punch of antioxidants it will deliver too!
  • 7 Mini meditation
    Studies have found that a simple five-minute meditation each morning can lead to more creativity, less stress, a stronger focus and improved memory function. Om…
  • 8 Recite affirmations
    When you’re crazy-busy, it’s easy to neglect your own sense of wellbeing. After brushing your teeth, recite three affirmations and tell yourself that you are capable of conquering the world. This will help build your self-esteem and give you a morning confidence boost.
  • 9 Eat a balanced breakfast
    A morning meal of slow-release carbs is ideal. Try porridge or eggs to keep you full until lunch.




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