7 Best Ways To Boost Wellbeing And Increase Longevity

Give these tips and tricks a try to help boost wellbeing and increase longevity

1. Be kind

“The ultimate secret to a long and happy life is kindness to yourself and others,” says Cara de Lange, burnout expert, speaker and founder of Softer Success (softersuccess.com). “This is not selfish, but an absolute necessity. We need to be more gentle with ourselves. To prevent burnout, one of the first steps to take is to regularly tune in, slow down and ask yourself – what do I really need right now? Sometimes it is something as simple as taking a few deep breaths, eating some nourishing food and drinking a glass of water!”

2. Sleep better

Making sleep a priority can add years to your life. Research shows that too little rest can increase your risk of things such as diabetes, but getting seven to eight hours could improve your longevity.

3. Do things you love

“When we feel pleasure, we release chemicals that relax muscles and blood vessels,” says health coach Jules Anderson (feelglorious.com). “Our blood flows easily and stress decreases. So, if you hate the gym but love dance, go to a salsa class!

4. Practice gratitude daily

“Being grateful for what is going well will invite more positive experiences into your life,” says change coach Iona Russell (ionarussell.com). “Learning to love and appreciate what surrounds you, finding the silver lining in less than sunny situations, and being grateful for what you have is something we could all do to live a happy life. The more we appreciate, the more we find to be grateful for.” Plus, multiple studies have shown how being thankful could boost your lifespan – not only can it decrease blood pressure, but it can also give greater life satisfaction.MINDPrue Leith Reveals She’s Not Very Good At Saying ‘No’2 MIN READ • BY HEALTH AND WELLBEINGREAD THIS

5. Keep active

Worried you’re not doing enough exercise? Don’t panic. Studies have shown that 15 minutes of activity could add up to three years to your life! Why not join in with our Walk to Wellbeing? Turn to page 66 to find out how to fit more steps into your day without the hassle.

6. Swerve stress

We all know how stress makes us feel, but it can have a serious impact on our overall health, too. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can de-stress, including meditation and breathing exercises.

7. Stay social

“The biggest indicator for a longer life is how many social interactions you make every day,” says Vicki Anstey, founder of barreworks.co.uk. “Putting yourself in the right frame of mind to have those interactions in the first place is down to investing in yourself, your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.”




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