5 Ways to Boost Your Motivation

Every now and then I find myself falling into a sort of blah period where my inspiration is nowhere to be found. Sometimes it’s a form of writer’s block, or blogger’s block if you will, other times I’m in a fitness funk or just in general feel kind of out of it. I have trouble coming up with new ideas and start to feel a little stuck. I think this happens to everyone, regardless of the field you work in or what your hobbies may be. Luckily, I’ve figured out some ways to shake off the blahs, revamp my motivation, and start thinking outside the box again. The following practices are excellent ways to trigger your creative side, get inspired to make positive changes, & fill your weeks with a little more passion.

Make a Vision Board

It may sound a lot like an invite back to your middle school art class, but by creating a vision board of images representing things you are working towards this year, you put the message out there in the universe & set things in motion. If your goal is to  start a side hustle as a travel writer, put up images of the destinations you’d like to go to and write about. Put this in plain sight, so that you’re forced to see the images every day and make sure that the visual cues you choose to include spark an excitement in you.

Dive into Podcasts

The podcast world has completely skyrocketed, furnishing hundreds of programs that range from general interest to hyper-niche topics. That means you can absolutely find one that caters to your specific goals and interests and use it to stimulate your thinking  during those down moments. The great thing about them is that they’re hands-free, so if you’re a multi-tasker by nature or necessity, you can put it on while you’re cooking, commuting, putting on your makeup, folding your underwear, etc. Here are a few that are catered to popular  areas of interest:

Health: The Nutrition Diva’s Quick & Dirty Tips For Eating Well & Feeling Fabulous, The Body Love Project, Dishing Up Nutrition

Self-improvement: The Mission, The One You Feed, The Tony Robbins Podcast

Finance/Business: Afford Anything, Girlboss Radio, Side Hustle School

Find Your People

The people that you surround yourself with are not to be underestimated. It definitely affects you if you spend your time with people who are always negative and don’t believe that they can achieve their desires. Make sure you’re spending time with people who are positive and enthusiastic about life and ideally, are playing at a higher level than you. If you hang out with other people who are kicking ass, it will only remind you of what is possible and inspire you to reach for more. Basically, make sure you’ve got a good gang.

Shake up Your Mornings

The way you start your day is not to be underestimated. I mean your mom didn’t grill your 12 year old behind about eating a good breakfast for nothing. Many successful people get up excruciatingly early and have checked off several major tasks before the majority of the world has even heard their first alarm. I’m not saying you have to get up at 5 am every day, but it’s worthwhile to reexamine your morning ritual to see if it aligns with where you want to go. Ideally, you get some exercise in the morning, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood, meditate, and do one thing that brings you closer to your goals. Start getting up earlier (try 30 or 15 minutes) and using that extra time to focus on one task related to that vision board we mentioned earlier. If it’s something you really care about, the desire should help propel you out of bed.

Do One Thing that Freaks You Out

Take that Portuguese class. Join the PTO. Start going to those social mixers that you always made fun of but kind of wanted to check out. Force yourself to do one thing that is slightly outside of your comfort zone and take note of how you feel before & after doing it. When you push yourself to participate, you start to stretch those willpower muscles and realize that a.) you’re capable of doing things you don’t always feel like doing , b.)  discomfort forces you to adapt & grow and b.) nothing is as scary as it seems, even trying to speak Portuguese in a room full of strangers.

Let’s activate our brains & shake up our motivation by moving towards the things that make us get out of bed in the morning.




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