5 tips to get shredded in super-quick time

As a Body Transformation Specialist I learned early in my career that people want weight reduction at a super-fast pace. While most programmes take a minimum 12-16 weeks to show results, the methodology I follow allows for quick but lasting alteration.

You may wonder how. Well, it’s part crazy workouts that ramp up testosterone and Growth Hormone (GH), helping the body burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. The other part is removing items from the diet that slow the body down.

Think about a Ferrari for a movement. If you filled it with high powered gas but also placed a few pebbles of sand in the tank, what would happen? It would break the Ferrari. I equate this to people that load up on stimulants, dairy and tons of gluten-based carbohydrates.

So what’s the fastest way to get shredded? Here are my suggestions to change in your physique in the shortest possible time:

Fasting cardio in the morning 25 minutes fasting cardio in the morning will incinerate body fat. Do this five days a week for two weeks. If you are going to lift directly after, make sure you have a protein shake containing at least 25g carbohydrates before starting resistance training. Also, take BCAAs (supplements) before and after your cardio.

Work out in the morning This allows you to structure the most optimal meal plan, which is to front load the majority of calories and carbohydrates before 3pm. This ensures your body burns through its glycogen prior to bedtime.

Drink coconut water post-workout The fast-digesting carbs in coconut water will ensure you are replacing the glycogen you just burned, helping to spare muscle and trigger insulin to spike.

No complex carbs after 3pm Same idea as above. After 3pm, all carbs should come only from vegetables, but not from the root variety.

Food changes

  1. Replace gluten with whole-grain carbohydrates like rolled oats, quinoa and sweet potato.
  2. Replace dairy with unsweetened almond milk and almond butter.
  3. Eat only organic chicken.
  4. Limit red meat to twice a month and make sure it’s organic and grass-fed.
  5. Stick to fast-digesting proteins, such as white fish or organic egg whites, at dinner.
  6. Include avocado, grapefruit, berries, green tea and cinnamon powder in your diet.




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